Commitment to Quality Begins Here.

Commitment to quality starts at the top!  And Meridian Waste Solutions is no exception to the rule.  The company – shaped by 180 strong who proudly give their time and talents to creating clean communities - knows that we must believe in quality work, we must deliver quality results and we must hire, train and foster quality people.

We are hired to provide a service – a vital, necessary service that greatly impacts a community’s health, welfare and image.  At Meridian Waste Solutions, we are shaped by a strong leadership team who, in turn, hires and develops strong team members at all levels throughout the company.  We believe in providing the necessary tools in order do our jobs safely and efficiently, and we uphold the belief that everyone must hold each other accountable.  This accountability starts with senior management and filters throughout the company to the local level where the day to day decisions are made and executed.

Our senior leadership team is lead by Jeff Cosman - CEO, Wally Hall - COO and Joe D’Arelli – CFO who have over 45 years of combined solid waste industry experience and who made the determination that there needed to be a well-financed, experienced but nimble solid waste company that focused equally on the customers, the employees and the shareholders.  This three-pronged business approach has proven to be the most sound business model for company growth and success.  It is these three determined, experienced and motivating industry leaders who set the standard for quality at Meridian Waste Solutions.

Jeff Cosman has had a lifetime experience in the solid waste industry from local operations up to corporate accounting and finance. In the early years, Jeff Cosman began to learn the waste industry business from his father who at the time was a Regional Vice President at Browning Ferris Industries, Inc. ("BFI").  He holds a B.B.A. in Managerial Finance and Banking & Finance, as well as a Bachelors of Accountancy from the University of Mississippi.  He was drafted by the New York Mets and played professional baseball in the minor leagues from 1993-1996.  Jeff Cosman is the youngest son of Jim Cosman, Sr., former President & COO of Republic Services.

In early 1997, Jeff Cosman joined his father at Republic Services as a Controller for a local operation in Chesapeake, VA. Later that year, he joined his father at the Corporate office in Ft. Lauderdale to join a small corporate finance team which played an active role in the consolidation efforts as Republic Services acquired 168 companies in 30 months, going from $500MM in Revenue to over $2.1BN.

Leaving Republic after the company completed its spin-off from Republic Industries; Jeff Cosman spent 10 years in various leadership roles within the startup/emerging medical device industry.  In and out of the medical device industry in the early 2000's, Mr. Cosman began his trail of entrepreneurial endeavors starting with Market Street Capital, JC Waste Solutions, Legacy Waste Solutions and Dynamic Molecular Solutions. In 2012, he purchased a small telecom materials and parts distribution company in Japer, GA, which has now grown to supply customers all over the US.  In April 2015, Mr. Cosman and his wife Rachel bought their partners out of the business and wholly own the business as Rosewood Communication Supply.

In 2010, Jeff Cosman began formally working on creating mobile apps with the development of cConnects.  cConnects is a pioneering enterprise solution that enables internal organizations to connect with external customers and vendors based on established rules, guiding principals of saving time without spending time scheduling events and that can be delivered through app based installs without the hassle of large custom enterprise builds which are costly.

Jeff Cosman has long been inspired by his father's expertise in the waste industry. As a backdrop, prior to Jim Cosman, Sr. passing away in 2013, he spent years under his guidance and oversight in their daily travels at Republic Services and their individual consulting businesses.  Mr. Cosman Sr. focused on "Doing Things Better" daily.  He believed in bringing transformative technology to a simple business model like the garbage business.

Jeff Cosman owns the control-voting block (Preferred A) of MRDN as well as he is the majority common shareholder.

Walter “Wally” Hall, Jr. started his solid waste career with Browning Ferris Industries (“BFI”) in 1990 and learned the business as a true garbage man:  Supervisor, Operations Manager, Manager-Trainee, General Manager, Region Operations Manager and Regional Vice President.  Within his first 6 years at BFI, he oversaw 400 employees with annual revenue of $50 Million.  After transitioning to Republic Services in a General Manager position, he was asked to assume the role of RVP for the Southland Waste division of Republic Services.  In 2001, Mr. Hall was one of three founders of Advanced Disposal Services, Inc., which is now the fourth largest solid waste company in the U.S.  Starting with three trucks, Mr. Hall grew Advanced Disposal’s operations to over $1.3 Billion in annual revenue, 5300 employees, 91 collection/hauling facilities, 45 MSW and C&D Landfills, 71 Transfer Stations and 21 recycling facilities.  After completing the 2012 integration of the Advanced Disposal – Interstate Waste – Veolia Environmental acquisitions by the company, Mr. Hall left Advanced Disposal in 2014 to pursue other interests.  He is a graduate of Mississippi College and former College Baseball Coach at The University of Mississippi.

Mr. Joe D'Arelli was a founding Partner/Shareholder at D'Arelli Pruzansky, P.A. and is licensed in the states of Florida and New York. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Saint John's University and more than twenty years of extensive experience in auditing public and private companies in such industries as Waste Management, Financial Services; Broker/Dealers; and Distribution and Technology Companies. Mr. D'Arelli joined Meridian Waste Solutions in May 2016. He continues his affiliations with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA), Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA), and Certified Public Accountant in the states of Florida and New York.