Our Meridian team members are those who fully understand and embrace our company’s philosophy:

Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. is a company defined by our commitment to servicing our customers with unwavering respect, fairness and care.  Our customers demand high quality service, and we deliver clean and clear results for your business, your home and your community.  

These team members know that their individual contributions are meaningful and impactful and that, together, we build pride in our performance and our profession as garbage men and women.

Our team members are:

Men & women - and all equal,

Many races & nationalities – and all who believe in the American dream,

Individuals worshiping under different religions - while all believing in caring for one another,

Persons emerged from various social and economic backgrounds - and who willingly chose to become a member of the Meridian Waste Solutions family, and

Believers in the human and health benefits of a clean community and his or her vital role in achieving that reality.