Who We Are

We are proud.
We are dedicated.
We are believers in the American dream.
We are your neighbors, your community surveillance, and your trusted partner in clean communities.
We are experts in solid waste collection, transportation, recycling and disposal services.


Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. is a company defined by our commitment to servicing our customers and employees with unwavering respect, fairness and care.  Our customers demand high quality service, and we deliver clean and clear results for your business, your home and your community.  

Key Values

We measure our success based on three key values.

  1. Customers. Do our customers appreciate and willingly advocate for our services?
  2. Employees. Do our employees feel part of a team and that they are working towards a better environment for all?
  3. Investors. Do our investors select and place their trust in us knowing we deliver positive financial returns ethically and honestly?