Residential Services

When it comes to divvying up the household chores and taking out the trash, rest assured that we'll be there to do our part and take the garbage, recycling and/or yard waste away so that you don't have to. It's our goal to make your life just a little bit easier by doing what is expected (and hopefully appreciated) in a timely, courteous and friendly manner. And we won't empty your piggy bank in the process!

Effective February 1, 2017, Meridian Waste is implementing multiple increases to your monthly residential subscription invoice including an environmental services fee and a fuel surcharge. A letter outlining the monthly impact can be viewed here.

Residential Waste Collection Services

  • Household Garbage Collection
    • Offering wheeled 95-gallon carts for convenience, safety and aesthetics.
  • Recycling Collection
    • Company-provided cart or bin for recycling storage and collection.
    • Common Recyclables: Aluminum, Plastics, Paper/magazines, Bi-metal Cans, Glass.
  • Yard Waste / Leaf Collection
    • Provides property owners an affordable and convenient way to dispose of grass, leaves, tree branches, and other yard waste. The organic material is recycled and converted into compost and other fertilizer products.
  • Bulk Item Collection
    • Bulk items are materials such as discarded mattress/box springs, recliners, and sofas. These items are usually scheduled as a special service and include special charges based on the items.
  • White Goods Collection
    • White goods or appliances are materials such as stoves, refrigerators (Freon free), and hot water heaters. These items are usually scheduled as a special service and include special charges based on the items.

*Residential service options will vary based on geographic area and/or local government contract.

We provide residential collection services to 27 specific local governments.

Calculation of Fuel Surcharge

The Fuel Surcharge will be updated each month. The diesel rate used to determine the Fuel Surcharge will be the peak weekly-published price per gallon, published on any day in the 30 day period ending on the 15th of that month, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration website The Fuel Surcharge will be determined by cross-referencing this price to Meridian Waste Solutions Fuel Index Table.